Follow your passion for coffee!

You will find us, obsessed with coffee, in a neon and polyester oasis. Chasing “a more perfect pull,” espresso is pressed by the pull of a lever on a Leva X Model by Marzacco. The only machine of its kind in a retail setting today.

Not in the mood for coffee? Kombucha on tap, organic fair trade teas, and fresh wholesome meals are available, too.

  • locally roasted
  • Beer & Wine
  • Sparkling Water On Tap

roasted locally, sourced from family-owned farms

Our organic, craft roasted coffee is shade-grown on small, family-owned farms around the world, in places like Peru, Rwanda and Guatemala. Our partner Tiny Footprint small-batch roast all of our coffee in Minneapolis on a vintage German-built “Probat” roaster, retrofitted with modern computer controlled, fuel-efficient burners to ensure a perfect, consistent roast each time.

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